Artificial Intelligence

Cutting edge technology use to develop and deploy faster


Horus Intelligence is a platform to enable customers in all industries to harness the full potential of AI in their business.

Speed in development

The IA is a strategic key to increase the speed and competitiveness of the business.
HI is fully automated and optimized to dramatically reduce the time it takes to create applications with artificial intelligence.

Easy of deployment

Putting models into production is a challenge for many companies.
The HI internal management models allows a simple and rapid implementation, to provide business value faster.

Reliable results

Ensuring that intelligent algorithms provide reliable results is essential.
The algorithms internal to HI can be customized and monitored to help business users and customers understand the results

Optimization Engine

Apply the best analytical techniques to obtain the best possible result, using an engineering approach to decision making

Image Recognition

Recognition of objects, cars, pedestrians on images or streaming video streams. Detection and recognition of faces and moods. Detection of false images.
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